Call for papers

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There is a new, extended deadline for proposals:

Proposals should be submitted by 30 December 2019 via e-mail at

The proposal consists of an abstract of maximum 300 words and a short biographical note (including your ISA & RC16 membership details if applicable).
Acceptance will be confirmed by 30 January 2020.

About the conference

The aim of the conference is to identify symptomatic motifs of our recent historical and intellectual situation which embraces radical visions of social change. Both established and alternative theoretical strategies are confronted by disruptions of institutional and discursive frameworks initiated by powerful technological transformations, growing social diversity and reoccurring patterns of populist political mobilization. This situation, nevertheless, from a sociological perspective cannot be considered unique. It bears striking resemblances to the repeated crisis constellations of modernity during the long nineteenth and short twentieth centuries. Thus rationalization, commodification as well as motifs of cultural cataclysm have been core themes of sociological theory during its classical as well its as contemporary phases. Does this deep disillusionment displace progress in both the current social imaginary and sociological theory?

The conference continues the RC16 tradition of encouraging submission of abstract and session proposals on the entire range of topics under the general heading of sociological theory.